What Is Tantric Sex Really All About?

Is Tantric Sex simply a technique for making sex last longer? Is it a technique to make orgasm more pleasurable, longer and more intense? Or is it something far greater which most people cannot even begin to conceptualize?

For the ordinary individual the idea of an orgasm that can fill your entire body and go on in pulsating bursts for hours on end sounds totally preposterous! But what if this is exactly what Tantric Sex can lead to? What if the orgasm we have all experienced is simply the release of a tiny amount of sexual energy into the genital area which stimulates the many nerve endings located there, thus giving us a pleasurable sensation? What if sexual energy could be controlled and circulated throughout the body to stimulate all nerve endings and thus cause an orgasm that fills the entire body?

Did you know that 40% of your daily energy goes into the production of sperm or eggs. When a man ejaculates he loses an enormous amount of energy and usually becomes tired as a consequence. For a female it is menstruation that leads to a loss of sexual energy but for both the consequences are the same. A huge amount of highly charged sexual energy is lost which could have been used for greater health and pleasure.

What if you could stop the loss of sexual energy and thus build it, cultivate it and circulate it throughout your body? Does it not make sense that with so much more energy to use your physical body would become stronger and healthier? Does it not also make sense that with more energy you will be able to have much more sex, for much longer periods and with greater pleasure? Well this is exactly what does happen and it can lead to full body orgasms that you could not even begin to imagine!

Another aspect of the cultivation of sexual energy is that it puts pressure on your emotions. During a woman’s cycle she builds up sexual energy which gets to a peak just before menstruation where the energy is evacuated with the eggs and uterine lining. At this point she may become very emotional and may even feel physical pain from the built up energy. Once it is released she is suddenly relaxed again and her husband can also relax! When a man has not ejaculated for a while he may become agitated, obsessed with thoughts of sex and be unable to concentrate. He may also become more emotional. His testicles will become swollen and he will feel physical pain due to the build up in energy. When it is released he feels immediate relief and can think straight again.

If someone was to begin cultivating their sexual energy they would inevitably be confronted by emotions which the extra energy is putting pressure on. If they instead of releasing the energy, continue to cultivate it these emotions will be brought to the foreground of consciousness until they are cleared or changed. In this way the person’s emotional energy is actually transformed through the cultivation of sexual energy and they may become free of emotional issues. This is very important to understand because it is emotional issues which prevent sexual energy from flowing throughout the body in the first place. Emotional issues cause blockages in the flow of energy and therefore prevent the flow of sexual energy during sex. Due to this people’s sexual energy is trapped in their genitals where it cannot be cultivated. The genitals can hold only so much energy before they must release it. Therefore you cannot cultivate sexual energy without also unblocking the paths for it to travel into the body.

The possibilities of pleasure are truly infinite but it involves a process of clearing! Tantric sex is not just about having better sex. It is about an actual transformation of energy which frees you from past conditioning and opens you up to experiences of a higher nature. Only with clear energy channels can sexual energy flow freely throughout the body and lead to true ecstasy!

What you need to know about prescription medicines.

Prescription drugs as is evident from the very name are those that are prescribed to us by doctor to cure our illness. These drugs are not illicit and almost all of them are readily available in the retail medicine stores. But there are quite a few crucial things enlisted below that we ought to keep in mind regarding the prescription medicines.

Prescription medicines can be habit forming. Due to the relief that these medicines provide, people take them persistently or indefatigably. Anti depressants, painkillers, methamphetamines are the drugs that cause addiction universally. People overlook their addictiveness to the drug and try to hide it in the name of comfort and the medicine’s prescriptive nature. But the fact is that only illegitimate drugs do not entail drug abuse. The recommended lawful medicines too can be the cause of serious drug abuse. So an excess dosage of prescriptive drugs is also fatal.

Before investing your hard earned money in the drugs advised to you, it is better that you know completely about them. Do not hang back in informing your physician of all your bodily problems. If due to some reason you suspect that the prescribed drug can cause trouble, confirm it with your doctor first.

Ask for alternatives to antibiotics. Antibiotics are famous for their side effects. Most people are not able to bear these offshoots. So, asking for substitute mild medicines is not a bad idea.

Requesting for herbal medicines or other natural cures can save you from the hefty expenditure that is incurred on their purchase. Generally prescription drugs are too costly for everyone to afford. Therefore, natural cures like intaking a diet rich in a particular nutrient, exercising daily to minimize pain in joints and other preventions and treatments like acupuncture etc. can be certainly favorable.

Buy medicines judiciously. Make it sure that you check the MRP, expiry and manufacturing date on the cover before paying for the medicine. Ask for discount if any on your purchase and don’t forget the bill.

Never exchange and transfer medicines. Though saving money is very imperative yet health (the most precious wealth) is not to be compromised upon. Often people pass on their medicines to others who they believe is undergoing a problem similar to what they confronted. For instance John would have no qualms in forwarding his antidepressant drug to his friend who is down with depression or Julia considers it right to give her pain killer that was prescribed for her back ache to Mary who has sprained her ankle.

But this very act is not just wrong even illegal. When a doctor prescribes you a medicine he takes into notice your whole physical and psychological condition. Just as a red color shirt might not suit every face, similarly, a single medicine cannot be positively effective in every case. In fact, many a times there can be serious repercussions because of the chemical reactions that take place within the body after taking the drug.

Pharming is another issue associated with prescriptive medicines. Pharming designates the swallowing of many tablets together in chorus. Teenagers to adults are found practicing pharming. They do it to save the effort of taking the different medicines time and again. But preventing oneself from this little exertion can be critical. The medicines are scheduled differently so that the body’s internal mechanism can accommodate itself and absorb the chemical reactions. While if they are gulped simultaneously, there is acute threat of various spontaneous mixed reactions in the body that might go out of control.

Last but never the least, keeping the precarious nature of life, it should be mandatory for every individual to get medical insurance. Medical insurance is the greatest help in the grave hours of our life. The insurance will not just enable you to meet the hospital expenditure but also the cumbersome outlay on prescriptive medicines.
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